Weird tattooing world records

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There are some tattooing world records that we’re all familiar with; the most tattooed man (Lucky Diamond Rich) and woman (Julia Knuse), for example, as well as the most inked pensioner (the late Isobel Varley). You may also be aware of the fact that Matt Geiogamah once tattooed a whopping 811 people in just 24 hours, or that one of the world’s most tattooed people also holds the record for the most piercings at nearly 7,000. But there are a few weirder tattooing world records out there that you may not have heard of; let us enlighten you.

Most website URLs tattooed on a single body

This record – which we can’t imagine anyone wanting to attempt to break – is held by American Pat Vallancourt, who has 10,012 website URLs inked into his skin. He plans to stop once he gets to 25,000.

Most temporary tattoos

The record for most temporary tattoos on at once is held belongs to someone known only as Mackenzie K, who once spent what was presumably a very long time sticking 420 temporary tats to her body. Getting them all off must have involved a lot of scrubbing.

Most giraffe tattoos on a single shoulder

Yep, apparently this is a real record that someone really holds. The lucky so and so is Australian Daniel Fowler, who has four giraffes on just the one shoulder. Not even his whole arm!
Most signatures on a back

You know when people meet their heroes and they get them to autograph their body so it can be tattooed over? American Funky Matas has taken it to extremes, with 126 sigs tattooed on his back. His signees include Travis Barker and Tony Hawk.

There’s also a guy in America who has Riot! tattooed on his arm 201 times, but we don’t really have any words for that one.

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