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What You Should Know About Morpheus8

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Sun damage, ageing, and pigmentation are common skin conditions that can have visible effects. The Morpheus8 treatment is the latest treatment that has been seen excellent results over the media with the likes of Amanda Holden and Judy Murray.

The treatment works by using radiofrequency energy combined with micro-needling. During the treatment, the tiny pins will penetrate the skin while RF energy is delivered using 2-4 mm depths to remodel collagen beneath the skin’s surface. Morpheus8 creates a smoother appearance of the skin and is a suitable option for those looking for contouring and anti-ageing treatments.

The results from a Morpheus8 treatment provide more dramatic results at a quicker rate than other treatments or micro-needling alone. The results are noted to be seen within a few days post-treatment, with noticeable results appearing three weeks post-treatment. The improvements to your skin will continue for up to three months as the skin is encouraged to create new collagen and elastin to maintain a youthful appearance. As the skin continues to age and change, maintenance treatments and skincare routines must be consistent.

The Morpheus8 is a non-ablative device that our doctors and practitioners can customise to treat fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and skin tone. It is one of the first and only devices that can mold the fat subdermally to morph any facial features that are aging into more youth.

Radio-frequency treatments are often tricky for treating darker skin types as putting heat can cause further trauma to the skin. The Morpheus8 is one of the treatments we have that is now safe for darker skin types with a low risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation to the treatment area.