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Best Time To Start Laser Hair Removal

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At Pulse Light Clinic we encourage clients to start laser treatments during the Autumn Season, as summer fades away along with the tan lines. Now is the best time to book in for laser hair removal treatments if you haven’t started already.

An important factor to consider when starting laser hair removal is the amount of sun exposure and holidays you have planned. If you have had any sun exposure on the areas of laser hair removal during your course of treatments you will be required to have another patch test and assessment 4-6 weeks after the sun exposure or tan was on the skin. If you have fake tan on the area you must exfoliate for 1/2 weeks before your laser treatment and the area will be assessed when you come in. During Autumn and Winter majority of us not getting any sun exposure and our tans begin to fade which is why it is the best time to start.  This means you will be hair-free and beach ready by Summer.

The image below gives a breakdown of what your journey plan will look like after you have had your consultation and 48 hour patch test.

Illustration giving a breakdown of what your journey plan will look like for a laser hair removal treatment
*Results Vary Client to Client and discussed at consultation.