Acne scars why won't go away?

Why won’t my acne scars go away?

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Acne breakouts can cause acne scars on the superficial and deeper layers of the skin. Acne scars are the natural skin healing process after picking the acne spots. There are many skin types; some are very easily scarred, and others are less prone to scarring. However, scars are not wanted by a majority of people.

Some scars could fade away with time, but some persistent ones will stay with you if you don’t treat them. Things become serious if you experience cystic acne, which causes deep and permanent scarring. The in-depth reason that acne scars form is when picking the pimples or the scabs while healing. This is usually damaging to the skin and can lead to permanent scars.
If the damage is on the deeper layers is even more challenging to treat. Although our body produces naturally new collagen to heal the broken tissues, the result won’t be even, smooth or flawless as it used to be.

So next time you experience an acne breakout, as tempting as it is, better don’t touch the pimples or the scabs. Remember this, and you will avoid causing further damage to the skin but also getting inflammation or worsening the problem.

How to Treat Acne Scars

We provide a range of devices that can help with acne scar removal or reduce them, but first and foremost, is to identify the type of scarring. Four types of scars could develop either on the dermis or the deeper layer of the skin. These are Boxcar, Ice pick, Rolling and Hypertrophic scars. Every type has the most effective treatment method, but ablative laser treatments are usually the most efficient for treating acne scars. CO2 laser treatments resurface the skin layers, boost collagen production, and stimulate the elastin for smoother and even skin. Other devices that treat acne scars are, Morpheus8, Picosure, Cool laser, Icon Laser and Dermapen.  

We always suggest booking a free consultation with our practitioners and getting all your questions answered, plus a personalised treatment plan to succeed the best result for your skin goals.