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Introducing our exclusive Body Sculpting Plus Package! Let us assist you in attaining a rejuvenated and radiant physique that exudes youthfulness.

  • Package Price

Package Price

These packages offer a combination of advanced treatments tailored to address specific concerns, delivering outstanding results. Take advantage of the limited-time discounts and invest in your skin’s health and beauty today.

Body Sculpting Plus

Includes: 4 Coolsculpt Advantage + 4 Emsculpt + 3 Morpheus8
Body choice of arms/stomach/flanks/inner thighs

Number of Sessions
Was £ 5,649
£4,149 Total
£378 per session

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Body Sculpting Plus Treatment Package in London

Many of us get frustrated with our body shapes at one time or another, even if we are at our optimum weight and peak fitness. Genetically our bodies store fat in different areas and sometimes we want to tweak or possibly drastically change our appearance.

Unfortunately, we cannot target fat loss through exercise, this is where aesthetic treatments play an important part in achieving our goals. Using non surgical methods, reduces risks, downtime and works with your body. Many of our treatments also improve the skin too, stimulating collagen, something you won’t get from surgery.

Here at Pulse Light Clinic we have been body sculpting for almost a decade. Whether you want to remove pinchable fat, tone body areas or alter your body shape we have the machines for you!

All of our FDA approved sculpting treatments work in harmony with one another, many of our clients have multiple treatments on various machines for the optimum approach to synching.

We have created the perfect sculpting combination package tailored to meet your needs.
Whether it’s to reveal your abs, cinch your waist, or accentuate your buttocks there are various non surgical combinations available.

You may have seen the likes of the Kardashian’s having all of these treatments, that’s because working in combination achieves your desired outcome faster and more effectively.
We can virtually treat any area of the body with our combination package, the most popular areas are, abdomen, arms, inner/outer thighs, mens chest, and back. Weight loss and weight gain can change the integrity of the skin removing fat and tightening simultaneously will restore this integrity for more youthful and smoother looking skin.

Coolsculpting- Fat Freezing

A powerful non-invasive fat removal treatment with no/minimal downtime. The results speak for themselves with a 20-25% permanent fat reduction per treatment! Many of our clients opt for one or two sessions to achieve their desired reduction in fat. It works well on all treatable areas and is tailored to meet your body goals. You will attend a thorough consultation where your chosen areas will be marked up and end goals discussed.
Our most popular area is the stomach, where we can sculpt away the fat to reveal your abs. Other great areas include the arms to banish ‘bingo wings’ and underneath the buttock to create more definition and protrusion.
Cool sculpt freezes the fat tissue in the selected area through cryolipolysis, once the cell membrane is destroyed the fat cells do not return. The body naturally disposes of the fat safely through your lymphatic system, as it does daily with any other cells in the body.
The results are shown from 4 weeks but can take up to 12 weeks for the end results. No other treatment compares to Coolsculpt when it comes to non surgical volume reduction!

Emsculpt Neo

This innovative High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy (HIFEM) machine increases muscle mass by 30% in just 4 sessions! Emsculpt Neo simultaneously reduces 25% of your fat with Radio Frequency (RF), whilst strengthening your muscles and is a great way to sculpt your body. Equivalent to 30,000 situps, bridges, bicep curls or squats in 30 minutes. It works phenomenally well after your Coolsculpting session as the reduction in subcutaneous fat will be furthered and the muscle mass will visibly increase due to the reduction in body fat that sits on top of our muscles. This helps to undo and prevent skin laxity after fat loss. Emsculpt creates more definition across your chosen area, arms, abs, buttocks, thigh or arms. Following fat freezing on the abs, Emsculpt will draw in the waist and tighten for a flatter abdomen and more hourglass figure for women. For a visibly contoured body, Emsculpt is the best solution for men and women.


Since 2020 Morpheus 8 has become a firm celebrity favourite. Tackling both skin laxity and fat tissue, this combination of insulated microneedles and RF delivers a two pronged approach to body sculpting. Reaching up to 5 mm in the skin it can effectively kill subcutaneous fat, as well as tighten the skin through collagenesis. Morpheus 8 utilises burst mode technology, for faster treatment and better coverage of larger areas, providing three shots of RF in one for a multi level treatment. This fractionated device is the perfect treatment following Emsculpt and Coolsculpt. Effectively remodelling any area, such as the Abdomen, ‘Bingo wings’ and thighs. If you suffer with textural irregularities such as stretch marks this will also tackle them too!

Combining Treatments

Coolsculpt is best performed alone for optimal results. On the other hand, Emsculpt Neo and Morpheus 8 Body Sculpting treatments can be performed together.

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What is the Body Sculpting Plus Package?

The Body Sculpting Plus Package is a comprehensive, non-surgical treatment plan aimed at sculpting your body and improving skin texture. The package uses FDA-approved technologies like CoolSculpting, Emsculpt Neo, and Morpheus8 to deliver transformative results tailored to your individual needs.

How does each technology contribute to the package?

CoolSculpting: Targets and freezes stubborn fat cells, offering a 20-25% permanent fat reduction per treatment.
Emsculpt Neo: Uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy to increase muscle mass and reduce fat, perfect for toning and sculpting.
Morpheus8: Utilises microneedles and Radio Frequency to tackle skin laxity and fat tissue, enhancing skin texture and tightness.

Can these treatments be combined for better results?

Absolutely, our treatments work in harmony with one another. Many clients opt for multiple treatments on various machines to achieve optimal results.

How quickly can I see results?

Results vary by treatment and individual lifestyle. Generally, CoolSculpting results can be seen from 4 weeks, while immediate results can be observed from Emsculpt Neo. Morpheus8 results generally become noticeable from 4 weeks and improve over several months.

Are there any preparations required before treatment?

We recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle for optimal results. If you are on certain medications or have specific medical conditions, please consult with our team to ensure suitability.

How can I sustain the results?

Sustaining results requires a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet. Fat reduction is permanent, but weight gain can affect other areas. Collagen gains from Morpheus8 can be maintained with periodic top-ups.