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Introducing our exceptional Body Skin Tightening package – your ultimate solution to addressing concerns about loose skin and achieving a wonderfully firm and toned body. Bid farewell to sagging skin and embrace a lively, youthful appearance with open arms!

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Package Price

These packages offer a combination of advanced treatments tailored to address specific concerns, delivering outstanding results. Take advantage of the limited-time discounts and invest in your skin’s health and beauty today.

Body Skin Tightening

Includes: 3 HIFU + 3 Morpheus 8 + Cool laser
Body choice of arms/stomach/flanks/décolleté

Number of Sessions
Was £ 4,429
£3,259 Total
£466 per session

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Body Skin Tightening Treatment in London

We can all benefit from tighter skin in many places on our body, whether you have had dramatic weight loss, are postpartum, or noticing the effects of ageing. Skin tightening can really boost your confidence and address any skin laxity issues you may have.

With such a variety of advanced machines for skin tightening here at Pulse Light Clinic we only thought it was right to develop a unique skin tightening package so that everyone can benefit from revitalised skin. Whether you have laxity on your abdomen, thighs, arms, thigh, knees or chest we can help maximise your collagen and elastin to put the bounce back in your skin.

Many machines offer to tighten the skin but with such fantastic advancement within the aesthetics industry recently, we have added even more options. The Body Skin Tightening package purposefully includes a variety of depths into the skin from as deep as the SMAS layer right through to the Dermis and Epidermis. What is key to the success of long term skin tightening is to tighten as many depths as possible in the skin for the most effective collagenesis outcome. This helps to provide a faster and more improved outcome than repeatedly having the same treatment.

We have combined HIFU, Microneedling with RF and Er:Yag laser for the ultimate multi depth approach tailored to your needs. Your consultant will work with you to discover the optimum treatment selection to meet your needs, banish those ‘bingo wings’ and snatch that stomach!

What’s included?

Ultraformer III

Begin your journey to tighter looking skin with our HIFU treatment, (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), providing the deepest form of skin tightening possible. Ultraformer 3, reaches deeper than any other aesthetic technology, hitting the building blocks of the skin, the SMAS layer, sitting just above our muscle. Known as the scaffolding of the skin, the SMAS layer provides strength and support for the rest of the skin therefore, it’s important it gets some attention! To correct signs of ageing Ultraformer 3 will be used at varying depths in the skin to promote collagen and elastin. The treatment will be tailored to the depth of your skin and can also include permanent fat reduction too, perfect for areas such as the abdomen and ‘bingo wings’.


For a multi depth approach, the Morpheus 8 combines two fantastic skin tightening treatments delivered simultaneously into the skin. Insulated microneedles transport fractionated Radio Frequency (RF) deeper than ever before for maximum collagen stimulation. Excellent for larger and smaller, harder to treat areas with the various handpieces. 24 resurfacing needles enter the skin in one single shot, delivering RF at 3 depths, utilising new burst technology. Deploying multipolar RF with Morpheus 8, minimises the treatment time, provides maximum coverage and allows for customisable treatments for every client.

Dermablate Cool laser

Delivering clinically significant results for mild and moderate skin laxity. Cool laser will help to banish ‘crepey’ looking skin in a minimal amount of time. In combination with our other treatments this state of the art Er:Yag delivers fractional ablative resurfacing to the upper layers of skin, epidermis and dermis, improving skin texture and tone, it’s even great on stretch marks! This ablative laser targets the water rather than melanin in the skin providing safe yet effective results on skin laxity for all skin types. Due to the resurfacing aspect of this treatment it will have down time, typically 3-5 days post treatment. Once the healing is complete the texture will have improved and continue to work for months following. Goodbye ‘crepey’ looking skin and hello smooth skin!

Combining Treatments

The combination of HIFU, Morpheus8, and Cool Laser treatments in our Body Skin Tightening Package work synergistically to address different aspects of skin tightening and rejuvenation for substantial improvement throughout the SMAS layer, Dermis and Epidermis for the best possible coverage.

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What is the Body Skin Tightening Package?

Our Body Skin Tightening Package is a comprehensive suite of treatments designed to address skin laxity on various parts of the body. The package combines HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), Morpheus 8 Microneedling with RF, and Er:Yag laser to offer a multi-depth approach tailored to your specific needs.

Who is the Body Skin Tightening Package for?

This package is suitable for individuals who have had dramatic weight loss, are postpartum, or are noticing the effects of ageing. If you're looking to tighten skin on your abdomen, thighs, arms, chest, or knees, this package offers a revitalising solution.

What is unique about the Body Skin Tightening package?

What sets this package apart is its multi-depth approach. By treating different layers of the skin—from the SMAS layer to the Dermis and Epidermis—we maximise the efficacy of collagenesis. This leads to faster and more effective outcomes than relying on just one treatment type.

What technologies are involved on the package?

Ultraformer 3: Utilises HIFU for the deepest skin tightening and targets the SMAS layer.

Morpheus 8: Combines microneedling with Radio Frequency (RF) for collagen stimulation at multiple depths.

Dermablate Cool Laser: Addresses mild to moderate skin laxity and improves skin texture and tone.

What preparation is required before treatment?

To prepare for the treatment, we recommend maintaining good skin hygiene and avoiding blood-thinning medications or supplements. Additionally, avoid using strong topical ointments, Acids, and AHA’s for a week before and two weeks after treatment.

Can I combine treatments?

Absolutely! The treatments work synergistically to address different aspects of skin tightening for comprehensive improvement.