A Brazilian bikini line is where all the hair is removed from the front, middle and back, leaving a strip at the front. It is close to a Hollywood but not totally bare.

People often decide on a Brazilian just because of the preference of looks, sometimes for cleanliness and then of course for the ease and tidiness in nice underwear or a bikini.

If you have decided that the Brazilian is right for you then Brazilian laser hair removal is perfect.

It is a permanent treatment which means you don’t have to go through the regular hassle of shaving or waxing with the attendant grow back, itchiness or ingrown hairs.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

As a permanent handling it is amazing as it means that after your full course of treatments the hair is shaped and gone for good, no more waxing or shaving required.

No more awkward stubble before it can be treated again and you will always be bikini ready.

On the other hand, it is important that you have fully decided that the Brazilian is right for you because it is a permanent treatment and you don’t want any laser regret.

If you are uncertain, then we recommend trying it out by waxing for a while first, so you can see what it looks like, get used to it and make an informed decision.

Once you have decided on Brazilian laser hair removal the first thing you need is a consultation and patch test. This allows you to ask any questions and the laser to be tested on your skin.

Once that is done and everything is fine then you can get started on your treatments. On average, you will need about 6 – 8 treatments to permanently remove bikini hair. Each treatment should take between 15- 30 minutes.

Check out here for more information, prices and answers to FAQ’s www.pulselightclinic.co.uk/laser-hair-removal-london