Back Fat CoolSculpting Results

Reduce Back Fat with CoolSculpting

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As the awareness of non-surgical treatments sees a rise our Senior consultant, Maelle at Percy Street answers the most common questions discussed during a CoolSculpting (fat-freezing) consultations to help clients that are looking to reduce back…

CoolSculpting Thigh Results Blog Post

Common Questions – CoolSculpting Thighs

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Lifestyle changes and workout challenges for ‘reducing thigh fat’ can require consistent attention with minimal results especially for stubborn fat that won’t shift. At Pulse Light Clinic we cover the common questions we face when client’s…

Abdomen Fat Freezing

Abdominal Fat Freezing Explained

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How many treatments do you need for CoolSculpting (fat-freezing)? This will usually be decided at your free consultation when we see clients for the abdomen area usually a minimum of 2-4 are required. Depending on the…

Red Ice Lolly

From ice lollies to CoolSculpting

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Many years ago, scientists at Harvard University noticed that some children who ate pop ices got dimples in their cheeks. This led Dieter Manstein, MD, and R. Rox Anderson, MD, to realise that ice can selectively…

CoolSculpting vs EmSculpt

CoolSculpt vs EmSculpt (body sculpting)

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What is CoolSculpting (Fat-freezing)? CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing machine that is the only FDA approved machine in the world so CoolSculpt is one-of-a-kind and it achieves fat reductions and body sculpting in an area of the…

CoolSculpting Abdomen Before and After

Is CoolSculpting Worth It?

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Whether you’re looking to enhance your body shape, get rid of stubborn fat, or just feel confident in your clothes again, CoolSculpting could be suitable for you. Many of us struggle with shifting stubborn fat, even…

Jose Blog Post

Testimonial: CoolSculpting For Men

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“I have done a course of Fat Freezing CoolSculpting treatments and the reason I did this is that I work out pretty much every day and I have a very healthy diet. I still have pockets…

Lady in sports wear near the sea

How To Reduce Fat With Nutrition

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Which areas of the body tend to hold onto fat more than others/are harder to shed? There is a genetic predisposition to storing fat, but that does depend on the diet and lifestyle, these are the…