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Real People, True Results: Laser Hair Removal for Amana


Many people suffer from ingrown hairs, and to identify them are little spots on the skin, discoloured and many times painful. The term means hairs that grow back into the skin after shaving or waxing. Ingrown…

Real People True Results Josie

Real People, True Results: Cosmetic Injections


Josie is a TV presenter and fashion entrepreneur who visited Pulse Light Clinic for skin rejuvenation. She noted that after turning 40, she felt she ‘take her skincare to the next level. “I heard many good…

Real People true results 2023

Real People, True Results 2023


We all have something that makes us feel insecure, whether it’s that tenacious fat that we can’t shift, unexpected hairs or scars in visible places that we cannot conceal. So in 2022, we had a straightforward…

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