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Real People, True Results: Skin Tightening

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We spoke to our client Pei about her skin tightening treatments… ‘The reason I had HIFU is that when I got to this age in my early 30s I just really wanted my skin to look…

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Real People, True Results: Laser Hair Removal

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I’m doing laser hair removal on my face due to my PCOS, every month I have a hormonal breakout I can get more hair on my face and chest more than normal people. Laser hair removal did…

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Real People, True Results: Laser Tattoo Removal

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Why are you having laser tattoo removal? Paul Howard: I’m removing my tattoo as when I got it done it was not done how I wanted it, when I looked at the mirror after it was…

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Real People, True Results


At Pulse Light Clinic we have a range of laser and aesthetic treatments available. With over 20 machines we almost have a solution to every skin condition or concern and we had 6 clients share their…

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On The Pulse With Sharmadean Reid

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The wonderful Sharmadean Reid took 10 minutes to speak with us about everything from her career highlights, skincare routine to the future of the beauty industry. She recently won the Bold Future award by Veuve Clicquot,…

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