Pulse Light Clinic Beauty Technician

How To Become A Beauty Technician

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The rise in demand for beauty treatments generates more jobs within the beauty industry. If you are looking to become a beauty technician, your school or college will train you to perform treatments on clients’ faces…

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It’s Plastic Free July!

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What steps are you taking for Plastic Free July? As single-use plastic consumption has seen an all-time high, many brands and consumers are making changes against plastics in daily life over the past few years. Do…

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Where Can I Get Laser Hair Removal In London?

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Laser hair removal treatments in London have come a long way since first developed, and now we have the Gentle Max Pro by Syneron Candela, the gold standard laser able to treat all skin types safely…

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4 Sun-safe Aesthetic Treatments

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Since almost 2 months of clinics reopening, we have noticed a rise in demand for booking treatments. As government plans are set to return to normality from June 21st the public is keen to look and…

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Laser Hair Removal Celebrity Approval

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Laser hair removal amongst celebrities is a huge must-have. When it comes to beauty standards most workplaces and professions may require you to look presentable. Celebrities are often known to look at their best at all…

Hair Removal Methods Blog Post

The Top 4 Hair Removal Methods

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There is a variety of methods and at-home devices becoming available for hair removal. From hair removal creams to clinical lasers. Hair removal is a personal choice, whether you’re searching for a long-lasting solution or just…

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Hollywood, Bikini & Brazilian Hair Removal

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One of our most popular laser hair removal treatments is for the area ‘down there’ and when it comes to seeing clients they are often not sure of the difference of which style they desire? Our…