Lady on the beach with her arms up

Be Hair-Free For Summer 2021

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The start of this year has not been as anticipated and instead of our senior technicians performing laser treatments we were delighted to hear when they volunteered and trained to deliver vaccines. They are excited to…

Alice Thompson youtube cover

Laser Hair Removal with AliceXT

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We had Alice Thompson in to trial laser hair removal and give her thoughts on the treatment. Alice has grown her Instagram with her bold and powerful makeup looks during her time studying biomedical science. As…

Samantha Maria, Youtuber talking about her laser hair removal on underarms

Laser Hair Removal with Samantha Maria

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We had Samantha Maria in to trial the laser hair removal London technique and give her thoughts on the trending treatment. Samantha Maria is also known as The Beauty Crush for followers from the start of…

Pulse Light Clinic client testimonial

Case Study: Transgender Laser Hair Removal

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At Pulse Light Clinic we have seen a rise in transgender laser hair removal. Everyone deserves to make decisions about their body and feel comfortable in their own skin. That often means removing body hair. Beauty…

Tolani Shoneye Having Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal with Tolly T

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We spoke to Tolani about her experience with laser hair removal at Pulse Light Clinic. Tolani, commonly known as Tolly T from The Receipts Podcast, a leading UK podcast that began 2 years ago and has…

Three Different Skin Type Arms With SPF Cream applied

4 Tips For Laser Hair Removal & Tanning

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Laser hair removal is one of our top treatments and the most important factor during your treatments is avoiding sun exposure and tanning. During the course of your laser hair removal treatments it can make you…

Before and After ingrown hair removal with laser hair removal on bikini

Case Study: Ingrown Hair Removal

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Mariam Musa came to us after being diagnosed with PCOS. One of her main symptoms was excess hair growth on her face, chest and bikini. She would often find herself covering up her ingrown hairs and…