dermal filler lip before and after

Can You Shape Your Lips With Filler?

Blog, Skin Treatments

Dermal lip fillers are known to help create natural enhancements to the lips. Lips come in different shapes and sizes which means some lips can be easier to treat compared to others. There are a few…


How the LaseMD treatment works

Blog, Skin Treatments

The LaseMD treatment is drastically different compared to other resurfacing laser treatments. During a treatment, the non-ablative laser energy will gently heat up the tissue within the dermis (deepest layers of your skin). It is ideal…

Endolift blog image

What is Endolift technology?

Blog, Skin Treatments

Endolift technology is not a surgical treatment, it involves a microfiber tip that is then directly inserted under the sagging area of the skin that needs to be targeted. The laser energy is then transmitted and…

dermal filler treatment being performed on the lips

4 Top Reasons People Use Lip Fillers

Blog, Skin Treatments

There is various information about injectable treatments with the changing trends and regulations within the aesthetic industry over the past few months. There has been an increase in demand for cosmetic treatments, and here are some…

Lady with smooth skin on grey background

Non-Surgical Facelift Preperation

Blog, Skin Treatments

A non-surgical lift, such as a facelift, can give you the most magical results, but you should first know about the tightening methods available and consult a qualified practitioner to check if you are ready for…

Different types of pigmentation graphic

Skin Pigmentation Treatments

Blog, Skin Treatments

Most of the time, people have to deal with skin problems because of several reasons. The common problem that we notice in most of them is undoubtedly dark spots and pigmentation visible on the skin. These…

Morpheus8 blog post image

What You Should Know About Morpheus8

Blog, Skin Treatments

Sun damage, ageing, and pigmentation are common skin conditions that can have visible effects. The Morpheus8 treatment is the latest treatment that has been seen excellent results over the media with the likes of Amanda Holden…

profound before and after results chin blog post

The Best Non-Surgical Facelift

Blog, Skin Treatments

Over the past year, zoom calls have seen a rise and are impacting our self-image. Experts have explained how, since the pandemic started in 2019, it has made Body Dysmorphia symptoms worse for those previously suffering….

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