Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment with VelaShape® a non-invasive method for circumferential and cellulite reduction. This treatment aims to contour, tone, and visibly reduce cellulite on the body. This cellulite treatment with VelaShape delivers excellent results without pain and downtime.

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Cellulite Treatment in London with VelaShape®

Introducing the VelaShape III, the exclusive FDA-approved solution for cellulite reduction, offering a transformative, non-surgical, and non-invasive approach to refining your body’s contours. This cutting-edge technology is celebrated for its unparalleled safety and efficacy, making it ideal for treating various body areas without the need for downtime.

Experience Painless Beauty Transformation

The VelaShape III guarantees a pain-free treatment experience, allowing you to return to your daily activities immediately. Embark on a series of these innovative treatments to enhance your confidence and comfort, not just in clothing but in your own skin. Achieve significant circumference reduction and cellulite diminishment, leading to a visibly improved fit of your clothes and a newfound love for your natural silhouette.

Benefits of Cellulite Treatment with VelaShape 3

  • Targeted Cellulite Reduction: VelaShape 3 offers a focused approach to reducing cellulite, effectively smoothing out the skin’s surface for a more toned appearance. The technology directly targets troubled areas, ensuring significant improvements.
  • Enhanced Collagen Production: This treatment stimulates the production of collagen, which is vital for maintaining the elasticity and firmness of your skin—the boost in collagen results in a visibly rejuvenated and youthful skin texture.
  • Improved Blood Circulation: VelaShape 3 enhances blood flow to the treated areas. Better circulation not only aids in diminishing cellulite but also promotes a healthier skin condition, leading to a radiant complexion.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Support: The procedure supports lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce the buildup of toxins and excess fluids that contribute to cellulite. This detoxification process is crucial for maintaining smooth and healthy skin.
  • Non-Invasive Procedure with Minimal Downtime: With the non-invasive nature of VelaShape 3, clients can resume their daily routines immediately post-treatment. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking effective cellulite solutions without the inconvenience of recovery time.
  • Customised Treatment Plans: Understanding that each individual’s skin concerns are unique, we offer bespoke treatment plans. Tailored specifically to your needs, these plans ensure you receive the most effective treatment possible.
  • Boost in Self-Confidence: Achieving smoother skin not only enhances your physical appearance but significantly boosts your self-esteem. Feel more confident in your own skin and in your choice of attire.
  • Durable Results: The results of VelaShape 3 are long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy smoother skin for an extended period. We also provide expert advice on how to maintain these results through proper care and lifestyle choices.

Understanding Cellulite

Cellulite results from fat deposits pushing against the skin’s connective tissues, causing a dimpled or puckered appearance. It primarily occurs in the hypodermis layer, leading to reduced blood circulation and a subsequent impact on the skin’s texture and tone. With VelaShape III, you can address these concerns head-on, paving the way for smoother, more radiant skin.

How Does VelaShape III Work for Reducing Cellulite?

VelaShape III stands at the forefront of cellulite reduction technology, offering a sophisticated and effective solution for those seeking to diminish the appearance of cellulite. This innovative treatment combines several mechanisms to target cellulite at its root, ensuring comprehensive and visible results. Here’s an insight into how VelaShape III operates:

Infrared Light (IR) and Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) Energy:

At the heart of VelaShape III’s technology is the synergistic use of infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency. This combination heats up the fat cells, fibrous bands, and the underlying dermal collagen fibres in the targeted area. The precise heating ensures the fat cells are targeted effectively without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Vacuum Technology and Mechanical Massage:

Concurrently, VelaShape III utilises vacuum technology to lift the skin, allowing the energy to penetrate deeply into the affected areas. This process is accompanied by a mechanical massage, which facilitates efficient energy delivery and stimulates lymphatic drainage. The massage action also helps to smooth out the skin by evenly distributing the heat.

Stimulation of Collagen and Elastin:

The heat generated by VelaShape III encourages the production of collagen and elastin, the two key components responsible for skin elasticity and firmness. This not only helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite but also leads to firmer, more youthful-looking skin over time.

Reduction of Fat Cells and Cellulite Structure:

The targeted heating action causes the fat cells to shrink and the fat chambers within the cellulite structure to reduce in size. This effect, combined with the stimulation of collagen and elastin, contributes to a significant reduction in the skin’s dimpled appearance and an improvement in overall texture.

Circulatory System Enhancement:

VelaShape III’s unique approach also promotes better blood circulation to the treated areas. This enhancement aids in the efficient removal of toxins and reduces fluid retention, both of which are crucial factors in the formation of cellulite.

VelaShape3 is the treatment that Kim Kardashian used for her cellulite.

Leverage the power of VelaShape III’s fourfold technology, which combines infrared light, bipolar radio frequency energy, vacuum, and roller massage. This multifaceted approach targets the hypodermis, the deepest layer of your skin, with infrared light heating and radio frequency ensuring an even heat spread.

Stimulate and Rejuvenate

This precise heating method stimulates the production of new, healthier connective tissue cells, reducing skin laxity and body volume. Vacuum and roller massage techniques further enhance blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, culminating in significantly improved skin texture. This comprehensive treatment not only diminishes signs of cellulite but also offers the benefits of body contouring and fat reduction.

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Cellulite Reduction Treatment Prices

  • Package Price


360 Thighs
Number of Sessions
Was £2,599
£1,879 Total
£1,879 Total
£314 per session
Front Thighs
Number of Sessions
Was £1,999
£1,469 Total
£1,469 Total
£245 per session
Back Thighs
Number of Sessions
Was £1,999
£1,469 Total
£1,469 Total
£245 per session
Bottom Lift
Number of Sessions
Was £1,999
£1,469 Total
£1,469 Total
£245 per session
Bottom Lift & Back Thighs
Number of Sessions
Was £2,559
£1,879 Total
£1,879 Total
£314 per session

Package Price

These packages offer a combination of advanced treatments tailored to address specific concerns, delivering outstanding results. Take advantage of the limited-time discounts and invest in your skin’s health and beauty today.

Cellulite Thighs & Buttocks

Includes: 4 EmSculpt NEO Treatments + 3 Morpheus8 Body + 6 Velashape (Medium Body Area)

Number of Sessions
Was £9,289
£4,729 Total
£4,729 Total
£364 per session

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Revitalise your body with our comprehensive package: Emsculpt Neo for muscle toning and fat loss, Morpheus8 for deep skin remodelling, and Velashape 3 for cellulite reduction and contouring. Bespoke, effective, and transformative!

Cellulite Treatment FAQs

Does VelaShape really work for cellulite reduction ?

Gradual improvement and results of the treated area can be seen following the first treatment – with the skin surface of the treated area feeling smoother and firmer.

How does VelaShape III work?

The Vela technology combines infrared light, coupled radio frequency energy and vacuum causes deep heating of the fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers.
This type of efficient heating and vacuum stimulate the growth of new and better collagen and elastin which results in localised reduction in skin laxity, body volume and an overall improvement in skin structure and texture.

Is the cellulite reduction treatment safe?

Treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and colours. With over 12 years of clinical experience and treatments, the studies into body shaping device, VelaShape is one of the most recognised non-invasive body shaping treatments on the market today. There are no reported short or long-term health effects.

Is the treatment safe?

Treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and colours. With more than 12 years of clinical experience and treatments, the studies into body shaping device, VelaShape is one of the most recognised non-invasive body shaping treatments on the market today. There are no reported short or long-term health effects.

What areas can be treated with VelaShape?

The Vela treatment can be used on many parts of the body that require contours: thighs, bum, flanks, abdomen, arms and more. This treatment is ideal for clients that have from unwanted cellulite.

What causes Cellulite?

It is unknown what the exact trigger of cellulite is, it appears to result from interaction between the connective tissue in the dermatological layer below the surface of the skin, a layer of fat is just below it. Changes in hormone levels can also affect your collagen production and skin health and ageing skin can become elastic over time, which may cause cellulite to appear as part of the normal ageing process.

How it can be prevented/diminished?

Living a healthy lifestyle may reduce your chances of having cellulite then someone who doesn’t, although DNA and genetics may also play a huge part. Whilst it may not be possible to remove cellulite completely there is steps to take to minimise including eating healthy, exercise, body scrubs and creams. If these methods are showing minimal results you can opt for an in-clinic treatment.

Who is prone to Cellulite?

Women are more prone to cellulite than men. Most women will develop cellulite during changes in their hormones, after puberty or after pregnancy. Women’s fat is typically dispersed throughout the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. Those that gain weight may find cellulite more noticeable, and an inactive lifestyle can increase the likelihood of having cellulite.

Which is the best treatment VelaShape or CoolSculpting?

If your primary concern is to reduce stubborn fat in body areas that diet or exercise doesn't help, CoolSculpting is the better option. But if you are looking the cellulite, then VelaShape can achieve the results you want. However, those two treatments can be combined for a holistic approach to your body goals.