Excess hair growth is unpleasant for any woman. Our normal concepts of beauty usually involve smooth hair free skin. When this excess hair growth starts appearing on the face or back it can truly feel wrong, as these are considered male characteristics and certainly not something a woman feels comfortable with.

What is Excessive Hair Growth (Hirsutism)?

Excessive hair growth or hirsutism is when coarse dark hair grows on a woman’s body in non-typical locations, such as the face, arms, back or chest. This differs from the normal light and fuzzy hair that often appears in these locations.

What Causes Excessive Hair Growth?

The condition is most usually caused by virilisation, which is the development of certain male characteristics in a woman due to imbalanced hormones. Excess hair growth can also be caused by other factors than hirsutism such as hypertrichosis, in which case the excess hair can be all over the body.

How We Can Help:

Laser hair removal is the deliberate removal of body hair using the technology of laser. Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicle with laser light, this energy damages and goes on to destroy the hair follicle, thus stopping the follicle from producing further hairs.

This is particularly useful for excess hair in unwanted and unusual parts of the body. Unlike shaving you get little grow-back and certainly no stubble. Laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal and reduction method and so allows you to treat the condition once and for all rather than having to deal with it on a regular basis.

Eradication of this excess hair is done right from the root, though any existing hair must fall out, following every treatment you will see less and less hair re-appearing. Giving you back, or maybe achieving for the first time ever, the feel of soft hair-free skin.

Your Next Step:

The first thing you should do is book yourself in for a free consultation. There is no need to shave or do anything before your consultation.

During the consultation you can show the affected area(s) to the technician who will be able to recommend to you the best course of treatments and answer any questions that you may have.

Following that you will have a free patch test. That is the use of a laser on a small affected area to see how your skin reacts to the laser. Once you have shown no adverse reactions to the laser you can get booked in for a full course of treatments.