Does fat freezing works?

Fat Freezing: The Science Behind Effective Fat Reduction

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Does Fat Freezing Work?

Fat freezing is an effective treatment to remove targeted fat that has been resistant to other fat-loss attempts, such as exercising or dieting. 

CoolSculpting fat freezing is a non-invasive treatment that reduces fat in specific areas of the body. Whether you are wondering how to get rid of inner thigh fat, chin fat, or back fat, fat freezing is the popular choice for eliminating fat from targeted areas of your body. 

Pulse Light Clinic offers effective fat freezing that will permanently destroy your fat cells and increase your confidence. Our CoolSculpting fat-freezing treatment will eliminate fat on the abdomen, hips, chin, back, arms, bra area, and inner thighs. Check out our fat freezing before and after to see the results you can achieve with our CoolSculpting treatment. 

Does Freezing Fat Work for Everyone?

We are often asked does fat freeze work for everyone. Fat freezing is a treatment that works best on individuals that are close to their ideal body mass index (BMI) with pinchable fat located on stubborn areas, such as the chin, abdomen, or thighs. 

Fat freezing may not be a suitable treatment for people with obesity. Individuals with a BMI of 30 and over may have too much excess fat for the fat-freezing treatment to target effectively. It’s important to consult with a trained professional to determine if fat freezing is a suitable option for individuals with obesity. 

How Does Coolsculpting Work?

CoolSculpting fat freezing works by using the principle of Cryolipolysis, which is controlled cooling to target and destroy fat cells in the treated area. 

Compared to other cells in the body, fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperatures. This is because fat cells have a higher water content and a lower freezing point, which makes them more susceptible to damage from cold temperatures. 

When the targeted fat is exposed to controlled cooling, typically between -11 and -5 degrees Celsius, the fat cells are subjected to apoptosis. During apoptosis, a cell undergoes a series of changes that ultimately result in its self-destruction. This causes the fat cells to die. 

Importantly, other cells and tissues in the body remain unharmed during the process. This is because the cooling process is precisely controlled and targets only the fat cells while leaving surrounding tissues unharmed. 

Once the fat cells have been destroyed, the body naturally eliminates them through its lymphatic system. This process can take several weeks to several months, depending on the individual and the treated area. As the dead fat cells are eliminated, the treated area will become slimmer.

Fat Freezing Treatment

Pulse Light Clinic provides safe and effective fat-freezing treatments. Whether you are looking to eliminate your love handles, feel confident in a bikini, or receive a personalised treatment to help you reduce stubborn fat, our CoolSculpting treatment is for you. 

Our CoolSculpting fat-freezing treatment is an excellent alternative to liposuction. As a non-surgical treatment, fat freezing does not require any anaesthetic, downtime, or weekly massages. Our CoolSculpting treatments are performed by expertly trained CoolSculpting practitioners, ensuring that your fat elimination is in good hands. 

We understand that struggling with stubborn fat can impact your self-confidence. We have assisted numerous clients to regain their self-confidence with our tailored CoolSculpting treatment. Don’t just take our word for it, our CoolSculpting review demonstrates the positive impact our fat-freezing treatment can have. 

What to Expect with CoolSculpting

Here’s what you can expect when you receive a CoolSculpting treatment with Pulse Light Clinic: 

  1. Consultation: You will have a free consultation with our senior technician to discuss your target areas, body goals, and transformation plan. The senior technician will check your eligibility for fat freezing treatment by pinching the stubborn fat areas and will then discuss recommended treatments to achieve your goals. 
  2. Treatment: You can begin your treatment on the same day as your free consultation. We will start by taking your photograph to document your fat reduction journey. We will then start the treatment and place the CoolSculpting handpiece over your targeted areas and allow it to work for 35 minutes. 
  3. Follow-up Treatment: If you require a second treatment, this will occur six weeks after the first treatment. A second photograph will be taken during this treatment. 
  4. Post-Treatment: 12 weeks after your final treatment, you will have your final appointment. We will take your final photograph and your weight to showcase your transformation. 

Book a consultation now to get started on your journey with CoolSculpting fat freezing. 


How long does fat freezing last?

Fat freezing permanently destroys fat cells in targeted areas. However, fat freezing does not prevent new fat cells from forming in the treated area. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine is important.

Does freezing fat really work?

Fat freezing is an effective treatment for reducing fat in targeted areas where other weight loss methods have not been successful. Fat freezing is not recommended for individuals who are significantly overweight.

Does fat freezing work on belly fat?

Fat freezing can be effective in reducing fat in the belly area, as well as the inner thighs, bra area, chin, arms, back, and flanks.

What are the disadvantages of fat freezing?

While fat freezing is generally considered a safe procedure, there are some potential disadvantages to consider. These include temporary discomfort in the treated area, such as swelling, bruising, or redness. You may also need multiple treatments to achieve desired results.