COVID-19 Business Update

Updated  02/11/2020

Due to the recent government guidelines, all non-medical treatments will be rescheduled from 2nd December. If you are an existing client your treatment package will be put on hold and you will not lose any treatments that have had to be cancelled.

The team is assisting all our clients to rebook via phone. There may be a wait time from 10-8 pm during this busy period. Please contact the clinic you attend:

0207 523 5158

Tottenham Court Road
0207 205 4085

Fenchurch Street
0207 593 8055

Please note Reception will be fully staffed during lockdown to ensure rescheduling of appointments.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Free Phone Consultations also available:

All phone consultations will assess your suitability, followed by a skin test where necessary at the clinic of your choice once we are open.

COVID-19 Refund Policy

We assure all clients that any interruption in their hair removal treatment caused by the new lockdown will be honoured by Pulse Light Clinic and any missed hair growth cycle will be taken care of by us to ensure optimum results.