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Mole removals dermatology

Mole Removal

Eliminate blemishing moles (beauty marks) with an incredibly straightforward and minimally invasive procedure known as excision.

Lipoma Removal Dermatology

Lipoma Removal

Effortlessly remove overgrown fat cells known as Lipomas through excision or cryotherapy by way of our well-renowned doctors.

Cyst Removal Dermatology

Cyst Removal

Abolish any unwanted cysts and free yourself from all potential soreness or discomfort. By virtue of our outstanding team of specialists, Cyst removal is an easy and often painless procedure.

Wart Removal

Remove stubborn and invasive Warts to relieve pain and boost your self-esteem. Our surgeons use two methods to remove warts, cryotherapy (less invasive) and excision (more reliable).

Skin tag removal London

Skin Tag Removal

Remove unwanted skin tags in multiple areas of the body using advanced electrolysis techniques with sterex technology.

papilloma removal near me

Papilloma Removal

At Pulse Light Clinic, we offer a safe solution for papilloma removal across various body areas.

verruca removal near me

Verruca Removal

This non-invasive procedure provides an effective solution for eliminating verrucas with minimal discomfort.

Dermatologist London

Dermatologist Consultation

Tailored skincare solutions from our in-house dermatologists.

Laboratory and Tests

Histology Pulse Light Clinic London


Histology is a branch of medical science that involves the study of biological tissues at a microscopic level.

Punch Biopsy London

Punch Biopsy

Our clinic harbours highly skilled surgeons adept in performing advanced and meticulous biopsy procedures.