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Thursday the 6 of June - 6:30 pm

Food Allergy Event Statistics indicate that more than 45 % of the population have a sensitivity to one or more foods. It is estimated the figure is actually much higher. Our Nutritional therapist, Lisa Borg, has developed a unique program of address following food sensitivity testing. Lisa has used IgG testing to help clients for over 16 years. At the event Lisa will share a clients journey on her nutritional program for food sensitivity. The event will be held at our Fenchurch Street Clinic : 1st Floor, 150 -152 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 6BB. The nearest tube station is Bank. Feel free to invite a friend. Glass of Prosecco on Arrival.

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Sunday 26 of May

At Pulse Light Clinic many of our clients come in with a change of minds about their tattoos for all sorts of reasons and want to either get rid of it completely or fade it for a cover-up. Even though the love of tattoos remains strong even if they do not like the tattoo design they chose many years ago, so having a cover-up rather than complete removal is preferable. Whether you want to help your clients achieve the perfect piece for their cover-ups or learn more about how the fading process works with the latest and fastest technology in Europe, we will go through the following: - How PicoWay and PicoSure machines work - How the process of fading a tattoo works - A video of a cover-up in progress * - A talk from Parlour Tattoo about cover-ups * - Answering any questions about the tattoo removal / cover-up process. Alexandra Palace Way, London N22 7AY