Rosacea sufferer approaches a consultation with great dis ease. Most likely they have already seen various doctors and have had numerous treatments recommended by their GP or dermatologist all to no avail.

IPL becomes the last resort, so by the time you approach us you are unusually with a mind set that does not believe that anything can help.

Therefore our duty of care in the first instance is to give you all the available information that we have acquired over the past decade which can best benefit you and a produce a successful outcome.

Coming for a consultation and skin analysis

At the Pulse Light Clinic, a consultation for rosacea will consist of more then broken vessels and redness on your face. It is our understanding that this condition is linked to nutritional factors, therefore we provide you with all the information on nutrition and all other factors related to the condition.

At the consultation we will also do an IPL patch test usually with a number of different wavelengths this consists of a shot around the jawline, this is to ascertain whether you are sensitive to IPL.

The Pulse Light Clinic uses the most advanced IPL technology available and consequently the treatment is virtually painless.

All guidance is given to the before and after care and a treatment plan is drawn up to ascertain the amounts of treatments you may require in order to get the maximum benefits.

More information about Rosacea

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