Getting rid of facial hair

Unwanted facial hair can be one of the most uncomfortable and stressful forms of excess hair. It is always there on display and not easy to cover up. Basic hair removal like shaving only increases it or creates stubble which is even worse.

Facial laser hair removal is extremely effective for all parts of the face, upper lip, cheeks, sideburns and jaw.

Both men and women can benefit from facial laser hair removal. Women for any area that is bothering you and for men most commonly if you want to shape your beard into a neater shape or stop it spreading down your neck or up your cheeks too far.

When you first come in you will have a free consultation and patch test. During this consultation you can discuss with your practitioner exactly what parts of the ace you want to treat, don’t be afraid to go into details or ask any questions as we want to make sure you get exactly what you expect.

The only restriction on laser hair removal is going to close to the eyes. This is as a precaution against the strong light from the laser. If you are unsure whether the location you want to be treated is allowed or not, just show your practitioner in the consultation and she will be able to let you know.

Facial laser hair removal is done spaced out with four week gaps, to catch the hair in the correct growing phase. Exactly how many treatments you will need is hard to say but the average is about 6-8 treatments.

The area treated may be red following a treatment, but this usually goes away rapidly. There is no downtime required after this treatment, but as it is on your face an evening appointment may be best where you can head home and relax while any redness fades away.


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