Facial Treatments in London, opposite the Sky Gardens, EC3M 6BB

Whether you desire immediate radiance for a special occasion or an entire skin overhaul, here are the top facial treatments that engage both the latest technology and divine medicinal methods.

They’re excellent choices, from Chemical Peels to the well-known hydrafacial and LED Phototherapy for more intense effects.

No matter if the top goal is either clearer skin, a brighter and more definite complexion, or just de-stressing the mind. The reality is that we all have a unique face and unique skin type, so here at Pulse Light Clinic, we always follow a specific procedure to meet our client needs. We start with a consultation to discuss and identify our customers’ concerns and suggest the most appropriate treatments.

Receiving facials regularly would be beneficial, and it’s a gift for yourself as it will keep your skin toned, defined and hydrated. We always work with the best technology that the market can offer, keeping our customers happy and healthy. Recognised international organisations approve or certify all our machines, and it’s our promise to everyone for great results.

Find below the most popular facial treatments in London.

DermaLux LED Therapy

LED Phototherapy

Helps blemish prone skin, evens skin tone and texture and calms redness and irritation.

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With ongoing treatment you will notice intensely improved hydration, minimised dark spots and reduced fine lines and wrinkles

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Picosure pigmentation mini box October 21


DermaPen is a skin micro-needling treatment to improve scars, acne scarring, stretch marks and rejuvenate the skin

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Chemical Peel

Helps to get rid of dead skin cells and peels a layer of skin after the treatment with very little downtime.

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