Have you got a birthday, anniversary or special occasion coming up that you are struggling to find the perfect gift for? Well here at Pulse Light Clinic we now offer gift vouchers! Why not give the gift of some personal pampering to your loved one?

These gift vouchers are very versatile, if you know a specific treatment your loved one is desperate for, then you can choose that directly, or if you are not sure which treatment option would be best, but you just know they would like the time to pamper themselves, then pick an amount, put that on the voucher and the recipient can use it as they want!

These vouchers can be bought for £50 and any amount upward from there! They can be exchanged for all our treatments, laser hair or tattoo removal; acne scar, stretch mark or thread vein removal; sun damage, anti-ageing or rosacea treatments; or even cellulite reduction.

For more information, please call the receptionist on: 0207 523 5158

Gift box wrapped in black paper with ribbon on board.