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Dr. Ismat has a wide knowledge of experience with unique skills. She has been working in the NHS as a doctor for 25 years and also privately for 18 years. Women’s health is a particular speciality; with Dr Ismats’ background of extensive training in gynaecology, sexual health and menopause training and specialisms. Offering HRT management and other options, alongside extensive counselling and advice.

What can you come in to see Dr Ismat about?
– Diagnosing disease, pain and other conditions
– Vaccinations
– Women’s health advice
– Hormone therapy
– Mental health advice
– Wound care
– Prescribing medication
– Writing referrals for tests or scans
– Referring you to specialists

Patients really appreciate the time, care and attention to detail which is hard to replicate in rushed NHS appointments with specialists often only looking at their field in isolation; meaning it is sadly all too rare to be afforded the opportunity for a holistic review.

Qualified from St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, Imperial College London in Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery since 1994.

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