First of all let me clarify what a Hollywood is. It is easy to mix up with a Brazilian and it’s not just you doing this. Top hair removal specialists say it is always best to get the customer to describe exactly what they want rather than rely on the name so as to avoid nasty surprises after a treatment.

But these are the generally accepted meanings for them both:

  • Hollywood – This is absolutely all genital hair removed everywhere. Including all at the front down through the undercarriage to your bum.
  • Brazilian – Here some hair is left at the front, either a small strip or triangle usually. The rest is the same, all hair from the undercarriage to your bum is removed.

You can see that they are very similar and why people sometimes use them interchangeably or get them mixed up. I have heard a ‘Hollywood with a landing strip’ asked for and this for example should really be called a Brazilian…but you have the idea.

Both the Brazilian and the Hollywood have generally been the jobs of waxing, as anyone who has tried to shave a lot of hair off down there can vouch for. Shaving and genitals do not do well together, what with shaving rash, ingrown hairs and itchy re-growing it is not a good feeling… or look for that matter.

Waxing is still a popular and good method for the Hollywood but the reason that Hollywood Laser Hair Removal has taken off is that it is permanent. If you have had a Hollywood for years and cannot imagine being any other way then shifting over to have the hair permanently removed is very logical.

Once you have had the series of treatments the hair is permanently removed saving you a lot of time and money at the salon as well as saving you the days of re-growing required for the next wax.

What do you think? Is the Hollywood Laser hair removal treatment for you?

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