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Real People, True Results


At Pulse Light Clinic we have a range of laser and aesthetic treatments available. With over 20 machines we almost have a solution to every skin condition or concern and we had 6 clients share their experience with treatments. We want to address the best non-surgical treatments available and help target their concerns. From laser hair removal to more invasive and doctor-led treatments our clients want to see real people and true results and that is our expertise.

Paul came to us to get rid of his tattoo and while he was searching for different options he found that laser tattoo removal would be the most effective option to remove the tattoo for good. During his research process, he discovered that the Pico lasers were the best technology and opted to come to Pulse Light Clinic as one of the only clinics in London to have both machines.

Galyam chose to tackle excessive hair growth on her face from Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome after years of suffering from breakouts and feeling self-conscious about the hairs and pigmentation on her face.

Elena is a mother with a healthy diet and lifestyle, after constant workout regimes she was ready to tackle her stubborn fat non-surgically and the results speak for themselves!

Pei had the High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment to get her skin lifted and take her back to her 20s, she wanted to maintain her youthful appearance by preventing any signs of ageing as she approaches her mid-30s.

Thomas started by having microneedling and ICON treatments to target his scarring and he will now be receiving CO2 laser treatment with Dr. Matin to target his deeper scarring.

Mariam also had Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome and would suffer from ingrown hairs and excessive hair on her chest and neck which she would often cover up with makeup but found a long-term solution with laser hair removal.

Stay tuned as our clients and influencers will be sharing their experiences and results with treatments. Share your results with us #realpeopletrueresults