Real People true results 2023

Real People, True Results 2023


We all have something that makes us feel insecure, whether it’s that tenacious fat that we can’t shift, unexpected hairs or scars in visible places that we cannot conceal. So in 2022, we had a straightforward mission to make our clients’ lives that little bit easier and to give them back the confidence they deserve.

For two decades, Pulse Light Clinic has worked in the heart of the city of London, using only the industry’s best lasers with industry-leading expertise to formulate treatments that cater to every skin tone and provide anti-ageing, rejuvenation, and non-surgical resolutions to suit every condition.

Skin health is closely connected with mental and emotional well-being, and cystic acne, along with acne scarring, can be some of the most problematic skin ailments to overcome. Henry decided to change his skin journey indefinitely. He said, “I did some research on acne treatments and decided to make a change”. He started with LED treatment before fusing it with Laser MD and then perfecting this combination with IPL.

Amana says, “I have always struggled with having ingrown hairs.” She has spent years combatting PCOS, a hormonal condition that means she grows hair in areas of her body, and hirsutism which means that hair grows in places normally associated with male hair growth. The combination of facial hair growth, ingrown hairs and bumps adversely affected her confidence and personal image. However, she saw a noticeable difference after just one session of laser hair removal. The hairs have receded, and Amana has smooth skin due to reduced sores and hyperpigmentation.

James came for laser tattoo removal because of an issue we can all relate to – he had a tattoo that he had outgrown and just wanted to erase. But, he stated, “after ten years, my tastes had changed, and it wasn’t my style anymore.” Our practitioners used the expert and innovative PicoSure machine to remove the visibility of his tattoo and break down any colour pigments in the skin without causing discomfort or long-term damage to the skin. Now James is free to choose a new tattoo that works with his current tastes or to enjoy his tattoo-free skin.

Davide also benefitted from our laser tattoo removal treatment. He was able to remove tattoos which were holding him back in terms of his career and finances. He said, “for certain kinds of jobs, it wasn’t good”. Today, Davide can pursue the career he has always wanted without his former tattoos holding him back from achieving his true potential.

While Chrissie, on the other hand, wanted freckles removal, and she was delighted with her results. She states, “I was bothered by my freckles for many years, and I wanted an even skin tone”. Finally, Chrissie got the skin clarity she deserved with PicoSure Pro treatment, tailored for fairer skin tones to achieve her desired outcome and provide her with the true results she deserved.

Josie used Profhilo, and Hydro Deluxe; both treatments are injectables that stimulate the body’s natural collagen growth below the dermis to minimize the signs of ageing and increase her skin’s elasticity. She felt it was time to counteract the signs of ageing before her wrinkles and fine lines became entrenched. But, she affirmed, “I just wanted to take my skincare to the next level, ” which is precisely what happened with the support of our medical lead Dr Matin Ahmadi and our expert practitioners.