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Real People, True Results: Cosmetic Injections


Josie is a TV presenter and fashion entrepreneur who visited Pulse Light Clinic for skin rejuvenation. She noted that after turning 40, she felt she ‘take her skincare to the next level.

“I heard many good things about Profhilo, and when I started searching, I found Pulse Light Clinic, and I came across Dr Matin. I had such a fabulous experience, from the team to the receptionists, to the treatment with Dr Matin, that has brought me back for the NEAUVIA treatments”.

Following her Profhilo treatment, Josie returned to the clinic to have Hydro Deluxe. She opted for an organic skin booster from NEAUVIA. It’s a brand-new innovative treatment with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, a combination of amino acids and calcium hydroxyapatite. The beauty of this treatment is that it delivers active substances directly to the skin.

Though Josie described the treatment as mildly painful, the impact was instantaneous, and she felt she could quickly notice the results from the first moments. Even though the redness was evident right after the treatment, she said the redness lasted only a couple of hours. Following the treatment, it was a few days with minor bruising, but she kept doing her day-to-day routine without any problem and felt no pain.

She admitted that her treatment allowed her to achieve her intended results. Within several days, she noticed clearer, more balanced skin, a more radiant look, and smoother skin texture. Hydro Deluxe had a profound overall impact on the look and feel of her skin to the extent that she felt she needed to wear less makeup, particularly under the eyes, and she could present her skin in its natural form in everyday interactions.

Josie wanted to elevate her skincare regime, precisely what the combination of Profhilo and Hydro Deluxe could offer- providing her with the self-assurance and radiance she needed to face the world and feel flawless.