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Real People, True Results: Laser Hair Removal for Amana


Many people suffer from ingrown hairs, and to identify them are little spots on the skin, discoloured and many times painful. The term means hairs that grow back into the skin after shaving or waxing. Ingrown hairs can easily affect anyone, but there is a way to treat them and prevent their existence.

Amana is a Content and Marketing Executive and was experiencing this problem. As a busy woman, she had limited time available, but after research, she came across Pulse Light Clinic. When she visited us,  she wanted to try laser hair removal treatments on her armpits. As she admitted, she never had any other aesthetic treatment, and she struggled with them for a while. On her first visit, she was very hesitant because of her skin tone and wasn’t sure if we could help her.

She found her treatment journey enjoyable in Pulse Light Clinic. From the moment she met our receptionist to when she discussed with our practitioner and had her consultation. Following submitting her medical information, she got all the details she needed and arranged her patch test to feel the treatment herself, but it also was to adjust the correct setting on her skin.

Amana got treated with our medically graded laser Nd: Yag from Candela; if she had to rate her pain from one to ten, she suggested one. She immediately saw results after only one laser hair removal treatment. She felt her skin smoother, with no ingrown hairs, and significantly reduced the armpit hyperpigmentation. Because ingrown hairs are more likely to those with skin thickness or darker skin tones and with curly hairs, Amana suggests that women with darker skin types should try laser hair removal as the best solution for silkier skin.

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