IPL London

Looking for permanent hair removal your two options are IPL and ‘Laser Treatment’. Some London clinics will specialise in one and others will have both available. Here is some data about the two treatments so that you can pick which is best for you.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL is not only used for hair removal treatment but is also used for other skin treatments such as handling scars from acne.

In IPL a broad spectrum of light is sent out. The light is applied to the skin and it will strike the hair shaft and travel down to the root, it heats it up and the root is destroyed. IPL’s main limit is that it can only be used on light and medium skin combined with dark hair.

This is because it sends out a wide range of wavelengths into your skin and if your skin colour is too dark the light can actually heat up and burn the skin as opposed to the hair.

Laser hair removal is the form of hair removal which developed out of IPL. With Laser hair removal just one specific wavelength is sent out (which is set depending on the skin and hair colour) to really target the hair.

It is attracted to the melanin in the hair follicle which it targets and destroys. There is some pain and it is described generally as similar to having an elastic band pinged on your skin. This does vary from person to person and depend on what part of the body the hair is being removed from. Many Lasers also come with cooling air that blows while you are treated.

On both IPL and Laser ensure you do not arrange any treatments while tanned. Neither Laser nor IPL can currently work on fair hair yet.

Also for both treatments do not wax, pluck or epilate in the run up to the treatments as the root of the hair needs to be there for the laser to target and these methods pull the hair out from the root.

Good luck with finding your IPL London Clinic or Laser treatment clinic!

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