IPL Skin Treatments in London

IPL technology is similar to a laser. Yet, a laser directs just one beam of light at your skin, while IPL releases light of many different rays, like a photo flash. The light from IPL is further widespread and less centred than a laser. IPL penetrates down to the dermis is the second layer of the skin without injuring the epidermis, which is the top layer, so it creates minor damage to the skin.

The pigment cells in the skin receive luminous energy, which is turned into heat. The heat dissolves the unwanted pigment to remove freckles and other spots. IPL can be used everywhere on the body, to treat Rosacea, Veins or Rejuvenate the skin. At Pulse Light Clinic, we offer a free online or in-clinic consultation with one of our skin experts to assess your skin type and discuss your skin concerns.

mini box rosacea


Our depth of knowledge in IPL combined with our nutritional advice makes us the leading clinic in successfully treating rosacea.

facial thread vein removal

Thread Vein Removal

Spider Vein / Thread Vein Removal up to 4mm in width Varicose vein & Campbell de Morgan Spots removal.

mini box leg vein treatment

Leg Vein Removal

Leg Vein removal covering veins up to 4mm in width Improves Varicose veins.

mini box photo rejuvenation

Photo Rejuvenation

Boasts your collagen production in a natural way Non invasive, non surgical treatment Effects both blemishes and wrinkles as well as other signs of ageing.

Mini box Food Test with our Nutritional Therapist

Nutritional Therapy

Evidence-based approach to maximising health potential through a personalised programme.