• Using the latest advancement in laser hair technology by Candela, ‘Gentle Max Pro’.
  • Smoother skin, free of unwanted hair
  • Suitable for all skin types for both men and women
  • Ultra fast with excellent results
  • Over 15 years in the laser industry
  • Open till 8 pm weekdays and weekends

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Laser Hair Removal – Asian & Darker Skin Types

Laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types. Same day free consultations available. Having a wealth of knowledge in treating different skin types, here at Pulse Light Clinic we have the ability and confidence to provide you with the best laser hair removal treatments for all Asian and dark skin types.

At your consultation, the laser hair removal practitioner will go through all the lasers that may be suitable for you and may patch test you on multiple lasers, so we can determine what is right for you.

We have 4 different lasers suitable for Asian and dark skin, this really helps when finding the perfect laser  for each client as hair type varies from thick hair too fine lighter hair.

Over 50 % of our clients are Asian and dark skin, the results are highly effective with our Soprano XL & NdYag laser machines. Many of our clients come for facial laser hair removal which is one of the toughest areas to treat for both men and women, fortunately we have the ability to treat fine hair on Asian skin which is only recently possible using the Duetto.

Many darker skin clients suffer from pigmentation from ingrown hairs especially on the facial area. We have found these clients, not only have a dramatic reduction in hair growth but also find the pigmentation improves significantly with the use of our hair removal lasers.

Should I consider IPL hair removal having Asian or dark skin

No – IPl treatments normally take between 10-15 sessions for hair removal and unfortunately many clients find from other clinics, the results are not long lasting or permanent. Further more IPL is higher risk for darker skin and should be used with caution.

Does having Asian or darker skin mean that the laser hair removal machine is less effective ?

No, having the correct laser for each hair and skin type is really important for the results. As with any skin type the results on a person’s genetic make up, hormonal imbalances, sex, age and area of the body


Associated risks for laser treatments on Asian and darker skin types ?

Having treated thousands of Asian and darker skin types, we have found the main risk associated with laser hair removal is sun exposure. We recommend following the after care instructions provided by the laser hair removal specialist at the consultation.

Am I suitable for laser hair removal having Asian or darker skin ?

Yes, it is now really effective and safe to treat darker skin types with appropriate lasers. Over the laser few years at Pulse Light Clinic, we have expanded the amount of lasers we have, including those for darker skin. We have trialled various manufactures and picked the best laser.