How long does a treatment take?

This varies depending on what body part you plan on treating. A small area such as a mustache or chin would be under ten minutes whereas a larger area such as the back or full legs could be up to an hour.

How many treatments will I need?

This varies from person to person but usually, a course of 6-8 treatments will see that hair permanently removed. Once you get started on your treatments your practitioner should be able to tell you more clearly what you will personally need.

How long a gap do I need between treatments?

For treatments on your face you will need a four week gap between appointments and for treatments on the body you will need about a six week gap. This is because the hair cycle on these different types of hairs varies slightly and it is important to catch the hair during an active stage.

Will it hurt?

There is some mild discomfort but nothing unbearable. It is often described as similar to having an elastic band pinged against your skin.

How can I be certain by more sensitive Asian skin won’t be adversely affected by the laser?

Before undertaking any full treatments you will have a free consultation and patch test. In this consultation, you should voice any concerns and the laser practitioner should be able to put you at ease.

On top of this, the patch test is a trial use of the laser on a very small part of your skin, if you are especially worried you could pick somewhere to try that is less noticeable than your face at first and watch for any adverse reactions. Once the laser has shown to be safe you can start your actual course of treatments.