Laser Hair Removal Central London

Why Choose Pulse Light Clinic for laser hair removal in Central London

  • Over fifteen years practicing in the laser industry
  • Free same day consultations available for free
  • The clinic is open until 8pm weekdays 
  • Lasers available for all skin types for both men and women
  • Two registered nurses on call
  • Four different lasers available for treating all hair and skin types
  • Great reviews on Google Plus 

What to Expect?

At your initial consultation, you will have a small patch test to try the lasers on your skin. We will then inform you of the recommended laser for use on your specific skin and recommend how many laser treatments you should need. The treatments do not take long and you will experience some pain but it is completely bearable. After the treatment you are able to do any normal activity though it is recommended you stay out of the sun and avoid any activity that would cause chafing.

To find out how laser hair removal works and get any other questions answered, please see our in house video on the right hand side of the page.

Laser Hair Removal for Asian and Darker Skin Types

Laser hair removal is now available safely for all skin types, in fact over 50% of our clients have Asian or dark skin and the results are just as effective using the Soprano XL & NdYag laser machines as the older lasers were on light skin. We use our wealth of knowledge in treating different skin types to provide you with the best laser hair removal treatments available.

Many clients come in for facial laser hair removal which was one of the toughest areas to treat for both men and women, fortunately we have the ability to treat fine hair on Asian or darker skin which has only recently become possible due to the Duetto Laser. Many darker skin clients suffer not only from unwanted hair but also suffer from pigmentation from ingrown hairs particularly on the facial area. We have found our clients not only have a fantastic reduction in hair growth but also find the pigmentation decreases significantly with the laser treatments.

During your initial consultation your practitioner will go through all appropriate lasers and patch test you on these lasers, so it’s determined which laser is correct for you. We have four different lasers suitable for Asian and dark skin which means the perfect laser for each client can be found depending on the thickness of the hair and skin tone.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Using the latest laser hair removal technology, we can remove all unwanted male body hair.

In fact 40 % of our clients are men. We can treat any body part but the most popular laser hair removal treatments for men are the full back & shoulders, chest & abdomen, cheeks or beard.

Men usually require a minimum of eight treatments and usually up to four top up treatments to handle any stray hairs. As men have high levels of testosterone their hair requires more treatments to achieve the smooth, hair free look.

It is not only full hair removal that is useful for men, many male clients come to the clinic for hair reduction on areas of excess hair be it on the back, chest or arms or anywhere else. This is easily achievable in just a few treatments and your series of treatments will be tailored to achieve your desired results.

Many of our male clients have Asian or darker Skin types and the Laser hair removal is very successful for hair removal or hair reduction with any of these skin types, which is especially great for those clients who suffer from awful ingrown hairs from thicker, coarser hair and have difficulty shaving on a daily basis.