This is an important step before you book yourself in for a full course of treatments. It is a good opportunity to speak to a laser hair removal technician regarding how the laser works, especially if you have any concerns. You can also find out the answers to any questions you may have about laser hair removal, and any health or medical issues will be checked into at this point to ensure laser hair removal is suitable for you.

The technician will also tell you at this point how many treatments you should need, what is the best treatment package for you and any personal recommendations, if there are any.

Laser Hair Removal Patch Test

A laser hair removal technician will examine your skin to ensure there are no allergies or skin irritations that could be impacted by the laser. Then a small area of your skin will be treated by the laser. This is known as a patch test because of its just a small patch of skin that is treated.

You do not need to wax or shave the area that will be treated. In fact, for the laser hair removal technician to choose the right laser and settings for you the hair needs to be visible.

A laser hair removal technician will ensure you wear protective glasses to avoid eye contact with the laser machine. The laser will be used on a patch of hair, there should not be much pain but there will be an uncomfortable pricking sensation. After 48 hours, if you do not receive any reactions we can proceed with a full course of treatments.

After your laser hair removal treatment

You may experience slight redness on the treated skin, this normally goes away after 24 hours. We recommend using Aloe Vera on the treated area if you feel it is very uncomfortable.

You should avoid hot baths or showers and putting deodorant or strong creams on the area that was treated by the laser for a 24 hour period following the patch test.

If you have any further reactions to your patch test you should alert your technician. Remember this is the purpose of the test, to ensure there are no adverse reactions to the laser.

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