Laser Hair Removal in East London

You must be looking for the best clinics in East London so that you can make quick and easy trips to the clinic for your appointments so that you can become free of unwanted hair!

Honestly there are many great clinics so I am going to tell you a little about three of the top clinics. I would always recommend receiving your treatments from a clinic which specialises in using Lasers rather than a beauty salon that offers it as a service. You will get a lot better treatment from a clinic which has the experience and expertise in using the Lasers.

Pulse Light Clinic

Pulse Light Clinic is a laser treatment centre that does not only laser hair removal but also tattoo removal and other specialist skin treatments. Pulse Light Clinic is run by medical professionals and have a Doctor consultant as needed. All practitioners are highly trained and experienced with many different lasers and are also experienced in treating darker skin.

City Hair Removal

City hair removal is a clinic that specialises in Laser hair treatments but has now also branched out and is also taking on other skin treatments. It opened in 2000 and with years of experience using the lasers and very professional staff they are an excellent clinic to go to. They cite experience with all skin types.

Premier Laser and Skin Clinic – Aldgate

The Premier Laser and Skin Clinic is a chain of clinics across London and Surrey. They treat all sorts of things using lasers, hair and tattoo removal and anti-aging treatments and so on. They have the most up to date technology and also constantly receive more training to keep themselves fully up to date. They will tailor the treatments around you.
There are many other clinics but these are the ones I would recommend to you.