Why Choose Pulse Light Clinic for Laser Hair Removal In North London?

Here at Pulse Light Clinic we have over 15 years of experience in the laser industry and masses of experience dealing with all varieties of skin and hair types. We own four different hair removal lasers meaning that we can tailor the programme directly around you and what your skin needs. We deliver hair removal on all body parts for both men and women. We have two registered nurses on site and all of our practitioners go through rigorous training.

We are open six days a week and are open until 8pm on weekdays. We also offer same day free consultations. And if that isn’t enough reasons, check out our rave reviews on Google Plus.

To find out how laser hair removal works, what to expect and get any questions you may have answered, please see our in house video on the right hand side of this page.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Over 40% of our clients are men. We have a lot of experience in dealing with all male hair removal including Asian and darker skin and using the latest laser hair removal technology, we can remove all unwanted male body and facial hair.

The most popular laser hair removal treatments for men are the full back & shoulders, chest & abdomen and cheeks or beard. Many male clients come to the clinic not for full hair removal but for reduction of hair, for example on the arms. This is totally achievable in just a few laser hair removal treatments. At Pulse Light Clinic we will work with you to achieve your desired results whatever they may be.

Most men require a minimum of 8 treatments and usually up to 4 top up treatments. Due to higher levels of testosterone, hair in men requires more treatments than women to achieve the same smooth and hair free skin.

Laser Hair Removal is particularly useful for men if you have been suffering from ingrown hairs. If you have thicker coarser hair in your beard you may be finding it very difficult to shave every day. Laser hair reduction is an excellent solution for this and we have had excellent results with this treatment.

Laser Hair Removal for Asian and Darker Skin Types

At Pulse Light Clinic we can offer Laser hair removal for all skin types including Asian and darker skin. Having years of experience in treating different skin types we have the confidence and ability and four types of Lasers to provide you with a tailor made series of treatments no matter your skin type and whether it is thick, coarse or fine hair. Even the fine facial hair can now be tackled with the Duetto Laser.

Same day free consultations are available and at your consultation, the laser hair removal practitioner will go through all the lasers that may be suitable for you and could patch test you on multiple lasers, so that we can determine which laser is right for you.

Another big benefit that we have found for darker skinned clients is the handling of pigmentation. Many clients suffer from pigmentation from ingrown hairs especially on the facial area. We have found these clients, not only have a dramatic reduction in hair growth but also find the pigmentation improves significantly with the use of our hair removal lasers.