Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Here is just a selection of laser hair removal laser hair reviews from our happy clients:

Loan –
I’ve had about 5 treatments on my bikini and underarms. About a week after each treatment the hair starts falling out and don’t grow back for another 5 weeks which is amazing! Pretty much all the hair on my bikini is gone! I am starting to think that I should get my legs done too!

It’s also great as I don’t have to worry about unsightly hair follicles that used to be visible even just after shaving, they have completely disappeared after laser hair removal.The girls and the clinic are really friendly and professional. I urge anyone who is self conscious about excess hair to go to Pulse Light Clinic as it has really boosted my confidence!

I’ve discovered that laser hair removal is actually better than the IPL hair removal, that I had at another clinic, from my experience at the Pulse light Clinic. The clinic is in East London and offers Laser hair removal, tattoo removal and IPL for problem skin. I am glad I went in for a free consultation as they explained how the laser works and were very thorough. The treatment was really good and the results have lasted a year now so I am convinced that they are permanent. If you are looking for hair removal in London I would definitely recommend Pulse Light Clinic and their laser. Tia.

Miller –
Since starting treatments at the Pulse Light Clinic for laser hair removal last summer I am now almost finished my treatments. I’ve had half legs and Brazilian bikini and started off on a pack of 4, I have since chosen to buy a further package of 4 as they don’t expire and I want to hold on to one for after this summer as a top up treatment. Good results, I started on the Luminus and saw even better results when they updated their new machines to the Soprano.

It’s been a year now since I last shaved my legs thanks to the Pulse light Clinic. I went there to get my tattoo removed and they told me about laser hair removal. I’m really glad they did as I have quite thick dark body hair and was sick of shaving and didn’t like to grow it long enough so that it could be waxed.

The hair removal service at the London clinic is excellent and cheap for the area. It took a package of six treatments for my hair to go completely but I got a very good deal, much cheaper than anywhere else in London for laser hair removal. The cost is nothing compared to the relief that I never have to shave again or buy razors. Thanks so much to Sheila and all of the staff.

As a man I don’t spend that much on my appearance unlike my wife who has been coming to the Pulse Light clinic for a while now to have Rosacea treatment. She finally persuaded me to see Sheila MacLean about having laser hair removal on my back. I was worried about the expense of the hair removal but found the prices to be very reasonable especially when I totted up how much I spend on waxing a year. To travel into London just for laser hair removal seemed a bit silly so we made a day of it and I really enjoyed meeting and chatting to Sheila. The whole thing was actually a pain free experience compared to waxing and I can already see results after just two treatments. If you want hair removal in London then the Pulse Light Clinic is definitely worth a visit.

Sarah –
The staff at the Pulse light Clinic are really lovely people and very professional. They all seem highly trained and can talk very technically about laser hair removal but in a way that is understandable. I was very pleased with the results and am so glad that I don’t even need to think about hair removal again. The treatment is also very cheap as I got a 50% off deal with them, the cheapest hair removal in London that I found. I definitely recommend the Pulse Light Clinic for laser hair removal in London.


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