Laser Hair Removal Soho

Pulse Light Clinic has recently expanded and opened its second clinic, just around the corner from Soho. With 15 years of experience in the laser industry we are used to dealing with a whole range of skin and hair types. To do this we always ensure that we have the latest lasers on hand, meaning that we will always have the right one for you, no matter your skin or hair type. We treat the whole body for both men and women.

With experienced and trained staff on hand as well as two registered nurses on site you are in the best hands possible. All week we are open until 8pm and we are open on Saturdays too so there is always a good time for you to come in. We accept walk ins for free consultations and would be happy to see you anytime.

Laser hair removal works by firing laser light into the skin which directly targets the root of the hair. The light is attracted to the melanin in the hair follicle and when the follicle gets blasted by the laser it is destroyed. Following each treatment, a certain percentage of those hair follicles will not produce new hairs and as your series of treatments goes by less and less hair will regrow until you are left totally hair free.

Laser Hair removal does not have any side effects, no rash and no ingrown hairs. It is a fast procedure and is available for all skin types for both men and women and any area of the body and face can be treated.

Laser Hair Removal for Asian and Darker Skin Types

It is no longer the case that laser hair removal requires lighter skin and darker hairs to work effectively. With the new lasers on the market both Asian and darker skin types can be treated. Here at Pulse Light Clinic we have a range of lasers suitable for Asian and darker skin types, so no matter your skin or hair type we will have something for you.

Approximately 50% of customers have Asian or darker skin and so we have built up a range of experience in dealing with all skin types. The NdYag and Soprano XL lasers we have found to be particularly effective on Asian and darker skin and on a whole range of hair types, including fine facial hairs.

Some darker skinned clients suffer not only from unwanted hair but also unwanted pigmentation from things like ingrown hairs. With laser hair removal treatment, ingrown hairs will become a thing of the past and you will also see a reduction in that unwanted pigmentation too.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal is just as workable and needed on men as on women. In fact, here in Soho about 50% of our clients are men. It is most commonly used for shaping facial hair, removing unwanted back or chest hair or reducing excessive hair on the arms or legs.

The high quantity of testosterone in men is what make them hairier than women. Due to this a slightly higher number of laser hair removal treatments are required to see a permanent removal of the hair. This is usually around eight treatments with four top up treatments later on.

For hair reduction this number of treatments will lesson dramatically. You and your practitioner will keep an eye on the level of hair regrowth and once you are happy with the amount of hair left your series of treatments would be stopped.