It is important to know when looking into permanent hair removal methods that there is a noticeable difference between laser and IPL At Pulse Light Clinic we have invested a great deal of time and research into choosing the best lasers for each hair and skin type.

We use IPL for Rosacea for Leg Vein treatment, from our trials, we have discovered that IPL hair removal is effective only on black hair and fair skin. However it can take up to 15 treatments and results are not always permanent.

At your consultation, the practitioner will decide which of the 4 lasers are most suitable for your skin types and what treatment plan is best for you, typically 6-8 treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Versus IPL

Listed below are the benefits and disadvantages to Laser Hair removal and IPL hair removal:

Laser Hair Removal

1) Effective on all hair and skin types.

2) Longer lasting permanent results.

3) Only requires up to 2 top up treatments, whereby needed.

4) Pain free options available, using the Soprano XL.

5) Some lasers can be used on tanned skin.

6) Reduced risks.

7) Great on fine hair.

8) Goes further into the hair follicle then a standard IPL treatment.

9) Very effective on men.

10) Targeted at hair follicle and not on the surface of the skin.

11) Does not require gel, therefore less messy.

12) Faster treatment time.

13) Skin must be protected with a high SPF if undergoing laser treatments.

IPL Hair Removal

1) Slower in treatment time.

2) Requires 15 or more treatments.

3) Only suitable for Caucasian/ Mediterranean/ Light Asian skin.

4) Works well on black hair.

5) Can not be used on tanned skin.

6) There is no cooler agent on IPL machine.

7) Higher risks of side effects.

8) Does not work on fine hair.

9) Less effective on men.

10) Requires multiple top up treatments.

11) Patches of hair easily missed.

At Pulse Light Clinic, we provide free consultation and patch tests, to ensure we use the right laser or IPL machine which is right for your skin and hair type. For further information about our laser and IPL services, please visit this page – Laser Hair Removal London.