Laser Hair Removal Westminster

  • Laser hair removal can give you truly permanent hair reduction or get you completely hair free.
  • The number of treatments required vary but is generally between 6-10
  • The Laser is safe and gives no side effects, the laser only targets the root of the hair and no surrounding flesh
  • Laser hair removal is now available for all skin types.
  • There is very little pain involved in Laser Hair Removal
  • If you have other questions do check out the video on the side of the page and our blogs for further in depth details.

Why Choose Pulse Light Clinic – Westminster for laser hair removal?

  • We offer free consultations any day
  • We are open evenings during the week 
  • We have experience with both men and women and all skin types
  • We have 2 registered nurses
  • We have over 15 years of experience using these lasers
  • We own 4 different lasers which means we can treat all hair and skin types
  • We have excellent reviews on Google Plus

Laser Hair Removal for Asian and Darker Skin Types

Having a wealth of training and experience in treating different skin types, here at Pulse Light Clinic we have the know-how and confidence to provide you with the best laser hair removal treatments no matter if you have Asian and dark skinned types.

We have four different lasers available for Asian and darker skin, this allows us leeway when finding the perfect laser for each client as hair types vary from thick hair too fine lighter hair. At your initial free consultation, the laser hair removal practitioner will go through all the lasers that may be suitable for you and may patch test you on multiple lasers, so that it is determined which is the best for you based on both your skin and hair type.

Over 50% of our clients are Asian or darker skinned and we get excellent results with our Soprano XL & NdYag laser machines. Many clients also come in for facial hair removal which is one of the toughest areas to treat for both men and women due to the very fine hair, fortunately we have the ability to treat fine hair on Asian skin using our Duetto laser.

Lastly, many darker skinned clients also suffer from pigmentation from ingrown hairs especially on the facial area. We have found in our affected clients not only have a dramatic reduction in hair growth but also find the pigmentation improves significantly with the use of our hair removal lasers. An excellent extra benefit!

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Over 40% of our clients are men and many have Asian or darker skin types. Most men require a minimum of 8 treatments and usually up to 4 top up treatments. This is due to higher levels of testosterone, hair in men requires more treatments to achieve smooth hair free skin.

We offer both hair removal and hair reduction. The most popular laser hair removal treatments for men are the full back & shoulders and chest & abdomen. For hair reduction many less treatments are needed, the most popular areas for this are the legs, arms and cheeks. Whatever it is that you are looking for, your series of treatments will be tailored around you so that you receive the desired end result.

Using the latest laser hair removal technology, we can remove all unwanted male body hair.