Estare Areolo, beauty influencer in London

5 Year Laser Hair Removal Update

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Our wonderful client, Estare shared her 5 Year laser hair removal update with Pulse Light Clinic.

“I have been doing laser treatment for about five years now and I wanted to share an update with you guys because I did tell you about it when I initially started the treatment however it’s been a long time now so I thought I would give you guys an update.

The areas I have lasered are half arms half legs upper lip navel and underarms first area that I had lasered were my legs and my under arm if you guys can see in this video I basically don’t have any hairs anymore on my legs I essentially I’m hairless on my legs because the laser treatment has obviously been working I don’t have to shave anymore when I go on holiday I don’t have to worry about waxing my legs or my underarms or anything like that I’m pretty much hairless however during the pandemic when we had to be indoors for like four months I did notice hairs that were growing back here and there on my legs so t’s kind of patchy it’s not like my whole leg it would literally be in like a few places it would be like one or two hairs here and there those are the areas that we target now whenever I go for a top-up session each session would last me about three month.

If any hair grows back, it’s like baby hair. It’s almost like really fine thin light hairs almost and I get those on my armpits as well. It’s difficult to see with the eye you have to really come close.

A lot of people speculate and they say laser hair removal is not good for black skin that is untrue very very untrue the laser that pulse light clinic used is actually laser that’s good for our skin and again guys i’ve been doing it for five years i’ve had absolutely no issues I don’t burn I don’t break out in rashes I don’t have any kind of side effects or anything like that it’s honestly like the quickest and simplest thing.

Don’t be put off by the pain you won’t know unless you do it so you might be thinking it’s going to be incredibly painful but if you do it you find that it’s like a walk in the park so you’ve got to give it a go first.”

Watch Estares’ full YouTube video below: