Autumn and Winter is the the time for laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

Why autumn and winter is the time for Laser Hair Removal

Now summer may be the normal time you start thinking about hair removal but now is actually the time to get yourself prepared. If you would like a hair free summer then Laser hair removal is the treatment for you. If you make the most of these months with Laser hair removal then summer 2016 could be hair free. Imagine a summer without shaving, waxing or epilating…or worse being caught without removing that pesky hair and being stuck in those jeans or long sleeve tops instead of that summer dress!


Laser Hair Removal is a permanent reduction, most clients get up to 90 % hair reduction. But you need a good few weeks of not having been in the sun before receiving Laser hair removal. This means that your tan will have faded and your skin will be ready for your treatment. It is important that your skin is your natural or as close as possible to your natural colour for your treatment so that the laser can correctly target the hairs.

So as summer drifts off and your tan starts to fade this is the time to get into that laser chair.

To permanently remove the hair takes between 5-8 treatments and a 6 week gap is required between treatments so that the hair cycle has time to start again each time. This means that if you start now you have time for 5 treatments before June is upon us again!

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