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Be Hair-Free For Summer 2021

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The start of this year has not been as anticipated and instead of our senior technicians performing laser treatments we were delighted to hear when they volunteered and trained to deliver vaccines. They are excited to help with the fight against COVID-19 and to return back to helping clients with their skin goals for a hair-free summer. As we reach the end of this winter period we are looking forward to the summer season approaching in June, the warmest season, with long sunny days. Let shaving, and wax appointments be a hair removal method of the past.

Here is our estimated laser hair removal treatment plan to help you achieve the best skin for a care-free summer, this will also be discussed at your free consultation.

1st Treatment in March

After your 48-hour patch test we can carry out the first treatment. 2 weeks after your first treatment you may notice some hairs begin to shed and you may not have to shave for longer than usual.

2nd Treatment in May

Your second treatment will be after 6-8 weeks depending on your treatment plan. You will still notice some hairs after this treatment but the hairs at this point may appear finer and less coarse than usual.

Summer begins! 

Enjoy your days soaking in the summer days. During this time apply SPF 50 daily and frequently. This is vital for your skin’s health and on the areas of hair removal treatment to ensure no damage to melanin in the dermis.

3rd Treatment in July/August

If there has been sun exposure on the areas at this point we will assess the area and do another patch test or advice any waiting time required for any tan that has developed.

This information is dependant on government updates and can vary from client to client. Your treatment plan and progress will be discussed at your free consultation. Book today and leave the rest to us for a hair-free summer!