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Laser hair removal compared to other methods

Why choose laser hair removal?

Results diagram after waxing, shaving and laser hair removal

Many of us are targeted by advertising for the latest razor, IPL home device or waxing sessions on offer, it can be confusing to choose the best method for you. So, why laser? Firstly at home laser and IPL devices are fairly ineffective when compared with results achieved in a laser clinic. They can be tempting as the device is relatively cheap, however many are disappointed with the results.

The main reason for this is the devices are MUCH weaker than the lasers used in clinics, this is so everyone can have access to them. So, it may appear cheaper, but in the long it’s not.

Now, if you are considering a permanent solution to hair removal you may still be confused when searching for the solution. Which is best: IPL? Electrolysis? Laser? At the Pulse Light Clinic we have decades of experience and can therefore answer this very simply.

For hair removal, laser is much more effective than IPL. IPL targets the surface of the skin with a scatter like effect, this is much less effective than the direct hit you get with a professional laser. IPL is also not suitable for darker skin tones as it can damage the skin and cause pigmentation.

Electrolysis targets and treats individual hairs and so it is a long process, therefore we only recommend using it on small amounts of hair particularly if the hair is white or grey and can’t be treated with laser.

Hopefully this has been helpful and has made it easier for you to decide which hair removal method is best for you!

Below is a video explaining the lifetime laser hair removal results with our senior technician Lucy at Pulse Light Clinic, if you would like further information about our laser hair treatments or to book in a free consultation, please visit this page.