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Best Time To Start Laser Hair Removal 2019

Laser Hair Removal

The demand for laser hair removal sees a rise as the summer comes to an end and people notice the time and money spent on other hair removal methods. After using an endless amount of razors and waxing appointments to get rid of stubborn hairs for the beach and enjoying time in the sunshine the skin may be left with ingrown hairs, redness, rashes, and pigmentation. As the autumn and winter months approach, this is the best time to start laser hair removal treatments.

Why women should start their laser hair removal journey in November?

A woman typically needs 6-8 treatments to see the desired reduction of hair removal. The length between treatments is 6-8 weeks which means if a person starts their laser hair removal journey in November by June they would have had 6 laser hair removal treatments and see a noticeable reduction of unwanted hair, majority of our clients can see up to 70% hair reduction.

Listed below is a typical laser hair removal timeline journey:

Beginning of November – 1 Treatment
Results: Won’t need to shave for 2-3 weeks.

Middle of Dec – 2 Treatment
Results: Hairs come back less coarse.

End of January – 3 Treatment
Results: Reduction of ingrown hairs and longer gaps between shaving, approx 3-4 weeks.

Beginning of March – 4 Treatment
Results: Major reduction in ingrown hairs, up to 40% hair reduction and hair much finer.

Middle of April – 5 Treatment
Results: Up to 50% & hair reduction and smoother skin.

End of May – 6 Treatment
Results – Up to 70% hair reduction and odd hairs left.

July and August – Summer break, (No hair removal treatments with sun exposed skin).
Results: Summer skin ready and pack your suitcase without your razors

Beginning of September – 7 Treatment
Results: Up to 80% hair reduction

Middle of October – 8 Treatment
Results: Up to 90% lifetime hair reduction and bin the razors.

Note: Top-up treatments may be required and results vary from person to person.

If you believe it is the best time to start laser hair removal, please do get in touch.