Everyone is getting laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

It’s really not surprising that increasing numbers of people are opting for laser hair removal. Shaving, plucking, waxing, all those creams – it gets annoying after a while, doesn’t it. If you’ve decided that going under the laser is a much better option, congratulations – you’re on the way to being fuzz-free forever.

That said, before you make the first step on that road you will need to be hairy for a little while as you’ll need to avoid waxing or tweezing for around six weeks before your appointment. Don’t worry – you can still shave – but no ripping the hair out at the root.

If you’re worried about pain, don’t fret – yes it will hurt a little, but not too much. Most people describe the pain as being like when they accidentally tweeze multiple hairs out at once, or being snapped with an elastic band. If you have a low pain threshold and it gets too much, ask your technician and they’ll provide you with a cooling cream or gel that should help.

Your skin may also look a little red afterwards, but the technology is a lot better than even a few years ago so you won’t look like you fell asleep in the sun for an entire afternoon and it should begin to fade within just a few hours.

While laser hair removal works best on those with dark hair, blondies needn’t worry as they can have their hair artificially darkened first.

Don’t forget that laser hair removal takes multiple sessions before the hair loss becomes permanent so don’t worry if after your first few treatments you see it start to grow back. Help the shedding process along by scrubbing dead hair away in the shower, and after a few treatments you’ll notice the regrowth getting less and less until, finally, it stops growing back altogether.

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