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Facial Hair During Transition

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‘Facial hair became a big struggle’

During transition facial hair became a struggle and Laser Hair Removal and now ‘I’m not afraid if someone is touching my face’

Zofija, left her life and career in Lithuania one year and three months ago. She was a well known makeup artist and makeup lecturer. She moved to London because she wanted to live her true life and be herself, so she came to London for a living, she started her facial hair transition from male to female.

  • Why did you decide to get Laser Hair Removal?

My facial hair became a big struggle in my life, because before I started my laser hair removal treatments, I had very thick and coarse hair on my face. I had to shave every single morning or sometimes even twice per day. I always had to do it before the direction of my hair growth, so you can imagine how painful it was to do the same and same every single day. My skin was so amused and dry in the end. I had to find a better and healthier way to stop shaving that usual.

  • What methods of hair removal were you using before? How were the results?

Before laser treatments I shaved my face with blades twice per day and it wasn’t the best decision. I promise you, I tried everything then. I tried epilators and it was the stupidest thing that I ever did, because I can say it’s the most painful way to remove hair from the face area. My body reacted so bad, temperature got higher than normally is and my skin got irritated with ingrown hairs. I tried wax as well, It didn’t work at all because my hair became so thick and coarse, so everything that I felt was only pain and no reduction.

  • Did you have any worries or questions when starting laser treatment?

The first thing I was worried about was my skin reactions with sun after laser treatments, because I heard before that your skin can get sensitive, but my technician at Pulse Light Clinic explained everything to me and what I should use after laser treatments. It was much easier and more comfortable than I expected.

  • How many sessions have you had so far? When did you start seeing results?

So till now I had six sessions of laser treatment and I’m planning to have two more for my facial hair removal, so I think it will be enough for my face area. I can say that it worked much better than I expected and even better than my technician expected. I’m so happy about it, so I’m planning to get more sessions for other areas as well.

  • How would you describe the pain of the laser?

Honestly, it is painful, but when you’re dreaming about it, you stopping to care that much, because it’s only around 15 – 20 mins and you’re okay for a month. Every single session is becoming as less painful, because some hair are not growing back – they are gone, finally! It’s not deadly pain and worth to be strong and patient for few minutes.

  • Would you say laser has changed your daily routine? Do you shave often still?

If you can imagine a man with a beautiful, coarse beard to now, I have had great reduction. At the moment, after six sessions, my face is so soft and I’m still getting maybe just few hair on areas, where hair were the thickest, but I’m sure, the last two sessions will help. The most important problem that shaving is not a problem now and I just stopped having to worry about it and that made me so happy.

I have stopped shaving daily, sometimes I’m not shaving for a week now and when I do, it’s absolutely different. Now it’s only 10 seconds for these 5 hair on my neck and it’s done. Can it get any better..?!

  • Has it helped with the condition of your skin? Any benefits?

Yes, definitely. The only thing what I can recommend is to be patient and give time for it. My skin is so soft and smooth now. I’m not afraid if someone is touching my face anymore and I’m getting lots of compliments that my skin looks so clear and great.

  •  Would you recommend laser to your friends and family?

Definitely! I’m talking with my followers on social media about it sometimes and only one thing that I would like to recommend for people who are dreaming to lose their hair on any areas is laser..

  • How has your experience been from start to now?

I’m 100% happy about results and I can’t imagine how it can be better. I never expected results that I got, that made me so surprised and excited about it. I changed my opinion about procedures like this and I had a lovely time with Pulse Light Clinic. I can say that laser treatment changed my life because it gave me more confidence and I’m not caring about facial hair anymore, what I love, because it was one of the biggest struggles by during my transition.

  • How did you hear about PLC?

Honesty, I just googled and after I saw the reviews I was sure that I have to go there and get my first consultation. All girls from Pulse Light Clinic team were so friendly with me and now, I am a loyal client. I didn’t expect a lot, so I was extremely surprised after my first appointment and now I can say that it was the best investment in myself, even if it can sound stupid, because now, after 6 appointments I see amazing results; it’s incredible!

Pulse Light Clinic’s Laser Hair Removal treatment using Alexandrite and ND:Yag GentleMax Pro by Syneron Candela is suitable for all skin types and helps with reduction of ingrown hairs, pigmentation and smoother skin.

*Please note the face is a hormonal area, and depending on the client it may take more sessions.

Photo credit to her Instagram: @Zofija.Witch