Getting prepared for Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Getting prepared for Laser Hair Removal

If you have decided that Laser Hair removal is for you as many women and men are now doing you will want to know what is needed to be prepared. As the machines and laser technology has developed it has become simpler and simpler to receive this treatment.

Before the treatment you want to make sure that your skin colour is your natural colour or very close to it. This means no fake tan and any natural tan has faded sufficiently. You want to shave the area that will receive laser treatment. Do NOT wax, epilate or pluck as the root is what is targeted by the laser. Next just make sure that the area is clean. This makes for a nicer treatment for you and the Laser hair removal practitioner. If you are popping by after work a quick visit to the bathroom is all that is needed.

If you realise that you are too tanned or have removed the hair by the root just call up and re- arrange your appointment as they will not be able to do Laser hair removal on this area. If you are uncertain whether or not you are too tanned ask for a patch test. This is a test on a very small area of skin to see how you react to the laser. The practitioner can then let you know if you can continue or need to wait. If you have forgotten to shave or clean up don’t worry the practitioner will have a spare razor and wipes available for you.

During the treatment just relax and follow the practitioner’s instructions. You will wear dark glasses so as to not hurt your eyes with the laser. There may be some pain but this will vary with the area of the body being treated. It is normally a very bearable pain but you can always ask your practitioner for a small break if needed and there will be some soothing gel to hand.

After the treatment you may have some stinging sensation and little red dots so better to choose a time for your treatment when that area of your body won’t need to be on display for a couple of hours afterwards. Finally book in your next treatment so you can get that hair permanently removed!

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