Getting prepared for your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Hair Removal

Going down the route of Laser Hair Removal is a smart choice for hair removal. It is fast, economical and permanent! Having decided on your clinic and booked yourself in for your first treatment or consultation you may be wondering what you need to know and what you need to do to prepare yourself for your first Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

There are just a few factors needed to ensure your skin and hair are ready to be treated. First, is that it is its natural colour or as close to that as possible. This means don’t go tanning or fake tanning yourself in the weeks before your appointment. The second important thing is that the roots of the hair are there. If they have been removed the laser cannot do its job sufficiently. This means you can shave or bleach but you cannot wax, epilate or pluck. Lastly you should clean the area that will be treated. This makes it more pleasant for you and your technician in the appointment to come.

If you feel you are too tanned or have removed the roots of the hairs to be treated accidently you do need to re-arrange your appointment. The technicians cannot treat you in those cases as the laser could damage your skin and cannot work without the root. Give it a few weeks for your skin colour to fade or the hair to re-grow.

If you feel unsure about the lasers on your skin colour, wondering whether it will work or not don’t worry too much as in your initial consultation a patch test will be done where the laser is trialled on a very small part of your skin and the technician can advise you.

If you have forgotten or ran out of time to shave or clean the area before your appointment don’t worry. The clinic has razors and wipes on hand and you can get yourself ready or they will help you out if it is a hard to reach area.

It is as simple as that. Just book yourself in and pop by after work!